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40 Years of Experience
in Building Neapolitan Traditional Ovens

Neapolitan Tradition

As per ancient Neapolitan tradition, our ovens are totally handmade without the aid of pre-built components and employing the materials of our lands.

Following the stories and the mastery of the ancient builders of traditional Neapolitan fireplaces and ovens, we have acquired over the years the necessary experience to improve our products through in-depth studies and a constant search for technologically advanced materials in line with modern design trends.

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Pleasure to meet you, I am Antonio Visciano

The experience of those who have been in this sector for 40 years, the freshness of those who have always new perspectives.



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It takes about 5/6 days.

Delivery times vary from 30 to 40 days, but in some cases we may also have immediate availability.

For any information about quotes, ovens, models and coatings contact us in the form below or in the dedicated section on the Contact Page

We recommend medium-sized ovens (M 110- M 120- M 130) for Neapolitan pizza, which requieres a fast cooking and large-sized ovens (M 140- M 150) for Italian pizza for a slower and crispier cooking.

We use mosaic to metallic tin coatings and much more. Go to to the Coating page for full details.

Contact us and you will have our ”well-cooked” advice.

The success of Forni Visciano is characterized by respect for tradition and a continuous search for new ideas and professionalism. If you want to join our team click on the Contacts page and send us your request or contact us directly by phone or email!

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We are constantly looking for new ideas, techniques and innovations: follow our pages to find out what’s new in the pot. Or rather: what we are cooking in the oven for you!