Traditional handmade mobile neapolitan ovens

Artisans For 40 Years, The True Tradition of Neapolitan Pizza

As per ancient Neapolitan tradition, our ovens are totally handmade without the aid of pre-built components and employing the materials of our lands.

Neapolitan Artisanal Ovens

Our Handmade Ovens

The Neapolitan oven is synonym of pizza and pizza is the emblem of excellence of italian cuisine. We make our ovens in full respect of tradition, blending tradition, innovation and with a high aesthetic sense. This is the secret of those who choose Forni Visciano.

Mobile static

Mobile Rotating Ovens

Our accessories

With the support of our partners, our ovens are equipped with the best soot burners and blast chillers on the market.

From Spitfire gas burners to environmentally friendly VTKFUL blast chillers, but also oil burners, blades and kneaders. Forni Visciano guarantees a full and comprehensive supply.

Our Certifications

All our products, from ovens to accessories, are CE certified, respect the environment and the personnel they come into contact with.

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Forniu Visciano - Artisanal Handmande Ovens


''The Owner was a true professional, kind and reliable, supported by an efficient and courteous personnel''

- Google User

"Excellent and durable materials, the true taste of Neapolitan tradition is guaranteed!"

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''They are the undisputed leaders of the Neapolitan furnaces craft sector''

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